Smart Atmosphere RGB Light Table Lamp-Mobile Phone Wireless Charging

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😍Smart Ambiance Lamp with Music to Make Your Day. A Magical Mood Trigger to Soothe Your Mind

In a world of hassles and distractions, finding true peace of mind becomes a goal that we all aspire to. It’s not about the place we live or things we have, but a mood trigger to make us feel “just right”.

We recognize the value of inner peace and your well-being. Hence, a smart home ambiance lamp —— is created to make your home a mind-soothing and peaceful haven, providing calming, therapeutic effects for sleeping, studying, meditation or rest.

Lights & colors, as an essential part of our life, can have a profound influence on our mind & body and trigger psychological reactions and hormonal changes. In chromotherapy, i.e. color therapy, color lights are used to address specific needs such as creating positive energies or reducing your anxiety. Instead of single color lights, chromotherapy lighting is a harmony of colors, brightness, and intensity.

Smart Atmosphere RGB Light sounds just as good as it looks. With a high-quality built-in Bluetooth speaker, it makes the perfect companion to your favorite songs and playlists with lighting effects that perfectly sync with your tunes. Turn on Smart Atmosphere RGB Light, sit back, and create a relaxed and atmospheric environment to unwind.

Smart Atmosphere RGB Light helps you rest better with helpful sleep features to calm the mind and body. In Sleep Mode, you can enjoy a soft night light or choose soothing white noise from the App that softly sings you to sleep. When it’s time to wake, Smart Atmosphere RGB Light starts your morning right with a gentle wake-up light and up to 2 relaxing alarms. For those days when you need a few extra minutes of sleep, Smart Atmosphere RGB Light has a one-tap snooze feature that gives you an additional 9 minutes of rest. 

Smart Atmosphere RGB Light takes care of you all night long. A single tap enables Night Light Mode, which gives you just enough light to accommodate moving around your room or late-night trips to the bathroom. It also keeps your Qi-enabled phone charged and ready for the day with both a 15W wireless charging pad built-in & a 5W USB Type-C output for other mobile devices. Rest easy and wake up fully recharged.


  • Size: 226×231×103.6mm
  • Weight: 700g
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS,PC, metal
  • Communication: Wi-Fi(2.4G)+ BLE module
  • Control Mode: Button control,APP control, Voice control (connect to the third-party smart speaker)
  • Input: Adapter 24W (12V 2A), DC input
  • Output: Type-C output (5V 1A)

Package Includes:

  • 1×Smart Atmosphere RGB Light Table Lamp
  • 1×Power adapter plug

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