Portable Table Lamp

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Add our luxury, chic push button light to your home and bring a dash of minimalist fashion to your house or work.


  • Premium Quality: This push light has a premium matte wooden handle and iron plating, giving it a chic look. Quality product for your buck.
  • Portable: This lamp weighs little and can fold into a compact shape, easy to store or pack for a vacation or backpacking.
  • No Hassle: This purchase is hassle-free! No hassle of continuous charging. A built-in lithium battery ensures your device can function for up to 5-6 hours, on full brightness, on a single charge.
  • Luxury Furniture: This push button light is a luxury piece that will look good with any décor. A gorgeous matte handle with an iron-plated lamp in three beautiful colors.
  • Multipurpose: The battery night light can be hung as a flashlight. The stand can also be used on a table or a flat surface. One purchase serves you as a night light, flashlight, table lamp, and more.


Our push light serves you in all practical ways. Be it your studio apartment or your office, the push light gives you enough space to place your sundry decoration while being a non-restrictive piece of decoration. With its wooden stand, it can double as a night light or a chic piece for your center table.

Illuminate Your Room:

Rid yourself of wooden planks and color restricting furniture. Bring our pearl, graphite, and ruby piece into your home. No clashing decors, just a simplistic design, that is easy to handle.

Why Choose Us?

This button light is perfect for any home and let us explain why. A built-in 1200mA battery that can let our product function for up to 6 hours without being plugged in. An indicator light goes off once the charging is completed. Anesthetic round light that functions at three different brightness levels. A matte wooden handle can be used to hang the light anywhere, making it a perfect travel accessory. The lightweight makes it perfect for backpacking or night reading light. Fold the wooden stand to use it as a table lamp! Comes in three different colors of your choice. The light can be controlled by touch. The push-button light can be charged using a USB cable that comes with the package. 25 lamp beads and 110 lumens that provide full brightness to light up any dark space. A full charge requires two hours. A portable lantern style ensures you can use it as atmosphere lighting. This light has multiple uses. It can be used as a night light, table lamp, mood lighting, flashlight, and more.


  • Rechargeable
  • Touch Switch Controlled
  • Three Colors
  • Three Brightness Levels
  • 2 Hours Charging Time
  • 5 to 6 hours Standby
  • USB Cable
  • DC 5 Volts


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