Desk Lamp Buyer's Guide

The right desk lamp can be a helpful tool for your office, library, or study room. These lamps do more than just provide lighting, they can also create an environment best suited for working without straining and stressing the eyes. A good desk lamp should possess the perfect balance of function and form, and holds the necessary features that are best suited for your tasks.


Finding the Right Lamp for You in 3 Questions

  1. Where will I put the desk lamp? - This is actually something that might seem insignificant in the whole process but knowing this can greatly help you in buying lamps. If you know the exact place where you will position the desk lamp, you should be able to narrow down the specific qualities that you should be looking for in a desk lamp.
  2. How will I use the desk lamp? - You have to know the specific function of the lamp. Will you use it to light your reading materials, to accent a piece of art, or merely for decorative lighting? This will help you figure out the specific needs and requirements that you are looking for in a lamp.
  3. What is the current mood of your room? - Many people are into desk lamp's form and function way too much that they miss out on ensuring that their lamp will look good situated in a room and complements its existing color schemes and décor.


Major Types of Desk Lamps

There might be a wide range of desk lamps available in the market today but these lamps are generally divided into two types. Depending on the look or function that you are going for, you should be able to narrow your choices by picking one of the two following styles:

Traditional Style - Classic designs that have been used years back. But because they are classics, they never go out of style.  

Contemporary Style - These are lamps that are crafted to jive with today’s trends of polished metals. They also come in clean and sleek designs. 


Which Desk Lamp Design Fits My Lifestyle?

Confused about which desk lamp is best for a particular activity or purpose? Check out the most common lamp designs to better guide you in choosing the perfect one for your space.

  • Adjustable Arm Desk Lamp. If you are working on large drawing boards and would have to shift the light source closer and farther, from one area to another.
  • Gooseneck Desk Lamp. A perfect mix of function and design. Its neck is flexible to be twisted in any way possible.
  • Clip-On Desk Lamp. This is specifically designed to conveniently clamp itself in table and desk edges. It is small, lightweight, and is a great space-saver.
  • Tree Desk Lamp. Resembling the branches of a tree, this lamp comes with three or more light sources that can individually be twisted to direct light wherever needed.
  • Task Desk Lamp. Made especially for arts and crafts. Their very common features are movable heads, lightweight structures, and clip-on bases.
  • Decorative Desk Lamp. In decorating this, the form was over-function. Its main purpose is for space accent and is mostly adorned with ornamental fabric and accents.
  • Magnified Desk Lamp. . Specifically designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue and is best for detailed work and hobbies such as reading and embroidery.
  • Organizer Desk Lamp. This lamp comes with additional pockets and compartments to store in paper clips, pens, and other small tools.


Tips on Wattage's and Bulbs

Choosing a desk lamp is not only about its form and function, you also have to consider the amount of light that it illuminates. Again, you will have to consider your purpose for the lamp. If you will use it for mere décor, then a lamp that has a lower wattage should be enough. For reading and other detailed activities, however, you will need something brighter.

Another important thing in picking lamps for your desk is to ensure that the bulb is completely covered by the shade. This means that no part of it should be visible. It can create an irritating glare that will be very uncomfortable and even dangerous for the eyes. 


Critical Choice: Swiveled or Fixed desk lamp?

Aside from deciding on whether you will go for a traditional or contemporary desk lamp, another major feature that you will have to choose is whether you will buy a lamp that has a swiveled head type or a fixed shade type. The former gives you full freedom to control the direction of the light source while the latter will require less positioning efforts and will always direct light to where you want.


Choosing the Perfect Balance of Form and Function

Desk lamps will provide illumination right into the area where you are working so you need to ensure that you pick something that will both help you in your task while adding a beautiful accent to your space. Whatever you are doing, a good desk lamp will give you illumination whenever and wherever you need it.